Since the early 40s, people have fantasized about homes that answer to your particular whims. Smart homes have now migrated to reality - where innovation has streamlined all your devices into one easy interaction between you and your house. Once installed, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the new found time and convenience at your disposal. Effortlessly reduce your carbon footprint and electrical bill in one fell swoop.


Electrical Consumption Monitoring

Once your circuit is connected to the grid, you can easily monitor your monthly consumption, and even find out what time of the day or which appliances are using the greatest amount of energy. 

Water and Heating Consumption Charts

As with monitoring your electrical consumption, you can isolate when your heating is turned on, and program it to work just before you arrive home to save power

Automatic Power Cuts or Alerts

Set a total power consumption limit and have an alert sent to you if there are sudden spikes. This is extremely useful in case of appliances malfunctioning, and you can even choose to automatically cut the power if it passes a certain danger threshold.

We’ve even had a client ask us to automatically cut the water heating in the bathroom past a 30 minute shower. (Frankly, knowing teenage girls, we don’t blame him at all!) 

Motion Sensor Light Detectors

Have your indoor and outdoor lights automatically turn on when motion is detected. Forget the light switch – this saves time and energy. Never again will you have to fumble in the dark along the stairs or to enter the bathroom. It's also extremely convenient if you'd like to turn on the lights along the driveway each time you come home or when guests arrive.

Open Windows Detection

You can have detectors installed next to your windows, so it’ll automatically cut the heating or air-conditioning once they’re open. If you ever had to stomach the pain of warming your entire commune because you forgot to close a window, this will save you the heartache on your next bill.