Join the sophisticated and flexible world of multi-room audio.


Ever wish you didn’t have to sit through the sounds of Guetta just so you can have you turn and put on Tchaikovsky? Hi-Concept’s installations will give you the best of all worlds. With dedicated speakers located in strategic locations, everyone in your family gets to enjoy the music they want, exactly where and when they want it.

A multi-room audio system allows you to choose from any audio source, such as your iPod, Sirius® satellite tuners, FM radio and even CD players. You can sing along to Puccini in the bathroom, while your visiting parents enjoy the good oldies in the living room. Mum can whip up a feast to the sounds of Johnny Cash, while your kids play air guitar with to classic rock or put on the surround sound for the latest BattleField installation.

The operating equipment is neatly concealed in one cabinet, typically out of sight or integrated into a wall cavity. Wiring is hidden within the walls. All you’ll ever see and work with are elegant keypads and speakers, with the design and color specifically tailored to your décor.

If you are the type to enjoy a glass of wine on the patio, or host glorious parties; weatherproof and custom designed speakers can blend in with your potted plants and flower arrangements, so you can enjoy the music anywhere and everywhere.


Add vibrance to your life. Add music.