Our Services - Security Systems


Intrusion Alarms

Never worry about forgetting to lock the door again. With integrated home security and alarm systems, you can set automatic security functions to activate at crucial times of the day. 

Your home is where your heart is. Feel at ease when you’re away from home and still be able to monitor the ins and outs with remote access. Integrated alarms and notification alerts to your phone or your security company to ensure you always have peace of mind, wherever you are.  Enjoy your vacation knowing security is at your side.


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Automatic Locking Systems

Schedule your house to lock all doors and windows before going to bed, or when going to work, so you are never faced with the anguish of forgetting.

You can easily allow remote access to the plumber, baby or dog sitter, whenever they arrive, so you never miss another appointment.


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Technical Alarms

Set customized alerts for potential disturbances, such as power surges, water leaks, freezer malfunction or smoke detection. You can even use it for mundane tasks like informing you when your laundry cycle has finished so you never have to pick apart soggy clothes.

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Video and CCTV Surveillance

Install cameras at strategic points that transmit a real-time live feed to your phone or computer so you can check on your home anytime, anywhere.

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Baby & Child Monitoring

Include a monitoring system to watch over your kids while you’re reconnecting with friends, or to ensure you're alerted from the living room whenenver your baby cries. Tweak it to your heart’s desire so you can always keep a watchful eye over your kids, without having to call every hour to see if they’ve taken the crayons to your white walls.


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Senior Monitoring

Using discreet wireless sensors placed in the home and a wearable alert function, ensure you’ll be first to know if your loved one is having trouble. Ensure peace of mind in knowing they are alright as you will be able to check on them at any time. Disruptions or emergencies will be sent directly to you or your family doctor.


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Presence Simulation or "Mockupancy"

Program simulated occupancy to discourage burglars when you’re away for any extended periods. Lights can be set to turn on at random intervals to stimulate your presence, and deter criminal activity.


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Electrical Networks Management

Our electrical networks can be subject to external disturbances as parasites, changes in voltage or frequency as well as micro-cuts. An inverter is installed and used to filter and limit these disturbances to provide a clean electrical signal, thus preserving your home automation system and broadcasting.