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Home Automation

The future of connected homes is here, and you’re invited to join in the revolution. Forget the clutter of multiple remotes and easily control everything from your iPhone or Android, even while you’re on vacation. From simple comforts like turning up the heat or air conditioning before you get home; to complex security and entertainment systems; Hi-Concept puts the power back in your hands. The possibilities are endless, the convenience seamless.

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Diffusion musicale

Ever wish you didn’t have to sit through the sounds of Guetta just so you can have you turn and put on Tchaikovsky? With dedicated speakers located in strategic locations, everyone in your family gets to enjoy the music they want, exactly where and when they want it.

A multi-room audio system allows you to choose from any audio source, such as your iPod, Sirius® satellite tuners, FM radio and even CD players. The operating equipment is neatly concealed, and wiring hidden within the walls. Choose from elegant touchpads and discreete wall or ceiling speakers that blend with your decor.

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Multi-room Video

Discover the beauty of personalized entertainment with Multi-room Video, an enhanced complement to Multi-room Audio.
A centralized media server containing all your movies, series, and personal clips can be accessed anywhere in your home, and from any connected device. Content is readily broadcasted to any screen. Smart devices allow you to enjoy the show in your personal home theatre, your man-cave or your bedroom. Grow your system whenever you like.


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Private Home Theatre

Own the dream and envy of everyone - a private cinema within the comfort of your home. From lighting, lush carpeting, quality sound systems, starry night ceilings to soundproof walls, Hi-Concept exclusively designs and chooses the best products suited to your wants. 
Find out more on our Home Theatre Page. 

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  vidéo surveillance

Video Surveillance

Install cameras at strategic points that transmit a live feed to your phone or computer so you can check on your home anytime, anywhere.

Find out more about our security installations on our Security Sytems Page. 


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Security Systems


Never worry about forgetting to lock the door when you’re already halfway to your destination. With integrated home security and alarm systems, you can set automatic security functions to activate at crucial times of the day, and monitor for potential disturbances. 

Your home is where your heart is. Feel at ease when you’re away on vacation and still able to track the ins and outs with remote access. Integrated alarms and notification alerts to your phone or security company ensure you always have peace of mind, wherever you are.


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Networking Systems

Your network is your home's central nervous system. We design a reliable foundation that works with today's technology and adapt to tomorrow's. Keep your media and data secure, but always accessible when you need it.