Ever wanted to take charge of your carbon footprint and reduce the energy consumption at your office, without comprising on quality? The answer is building automation – with integrated timers and a holistic approach to building management, automation allows you peace of mind without the hassle. Control all your building facilities such as heating, lighting and performance within a single operation system designed for elegance and convenience. 

Whether you’re shopping for the solution to increase the marketability of your building space for tenants, or looking to spruce up the operations of your own building, Hi-Concept has an answer for you. Reduce power wastage when employees forget to turn off the lights. Have motion sensors installed in areas which are seldom accessed to reduce unnecessary power usage. Integrate key cards and motion detectors within rooms that automatically turn off all lighting and heating when no one is present. 

All these automatic systems and functionality options can be programmed and integrated with your existing building structure for the results you’ve always dreamed of. Increase the comfort of your personnel on a flexible and intuitive platform, and save on long-run electricity and operational costs.