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01 Intrusion alarm

The house is where your heart is. Be peace of mind when on vacation or when you are at work, with an intrusion alarm system, you can put your home under surveillance and be notified immediately of any suspicious event by SMS or voicemail. And when you’re on vacation, the alert can be sent directly to a security agency.

02 Access control

Schedule your house to lock all doors and windows before going to bed, or when you go to work, so that you never face the anxiety of oblivion.


You can also allow remote access to the plumber or the person who takes care of your pets when they arrive.


03 Technical alarm

Never be worried about forgetting to turn off the oven when you are halfway to your destination . With personalized alerts for potential troubles in your home, such as a power surge, water leak, freezer failure or smoke detection. You can even use it for mundane tasks like informing yourself when your wash cycle is over and never forget again.


04 Video surveillance

Install strategically located cameras that can be transmitted in real time to your smartphone or tablet anytime, anywhere.


05 Baby Surveillance

Include a monitoring system to watch over your children while you dine with your friends. So that you can always keep a watchful eye on your children, whether they sleep peacefully or see if they have used crayons on your white walls.

06 Senior supervision

Thanks to discreet wireless sensors placed in the home or on the person himself, added to this a function of alert by phone, you will be sure to be notified if your loved one is in trouble. Have peace of mind knowing that you can control at all times if he or she is doing well. During a disruption or emergency, an alert message is sent directly to you or your family doctor.


07 Simulation of presence

Discourage burglars from any intrusion attempts through a program simulating occupancy during any extended absence. Lights can be set to turn on at random intervals and the shutters close when it’s dark, simulate your presence and discourage criminal activity, as the proverb says “prevention is better than cure”.

08 Management of the electricity network

Our electrical network can be subject to many electrical disturbances such as noise, voltage or frequency variations and micro-cuts. What low voltage devices are usually very sensitive. The inverter filters and limits all these disturbances to provide a clean electrical signal, thus preserving your home automation and audiovisual installation.