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To celebrate this event, we have produced a brochure highlighting our know-how and some of our most beautiful projects! Discover elegant creations and how we can shape the dream home.

You want to install electric blinds but you do not have an electrical outlet, look no further we have the solution

Qmotion is a manufacturer of innovative blinds, in fact this company has developed a motorized system that consumes little energy, this solution allows to run on battery, offering an impressive operating time, since at the rate of 2 complete movements up or down by Qmotion day guarantees a 5 year battery life. Namely, there is also a wired solution. Its engines are also very quiet and offer precise positioning of the blinds, which is interesting to align perfectly the blinds of the same facade.

The Qmotion blinds are controllable by radio remote control, smartphone, tablet and are compatible with the original Control4 home automation system. They can also be manipulated by pulling on them, with a brief gesture the blind takes the prerecorded position! with a bigger gesture, the blind goes back up completely!

Qmotion offers different models, roll awning, honeycomb, curtain rod or slide and offers a wide range of textile finishes.

If you want more information do not hesitate to contact us.

Imax Home Theater

IMAX technology has revolutionized the way cinema has been viewed for over 40 years. Synonymous with image quality and ultimate sound, the immersion in the film is total, whether in 2D or 3D. IMAX currently represents more than 738 cinemas in 53 countries (60% in the United States and Canada) and can take advantage of the largest blockbusters and documentaries in unparalleled conditions. With its know-how, IMAX now offers home-cinema enthusiasts to afford their own IMAX room for a price of about $ 2 million with the concept IMAX Private Theater.


IMAX offers a complete, turnkey system consisting of a real personal cinema with all its equipment: – 2 4K video projectors (cinema resolution: more than 4 times full HD) for a 3D projection in maximum brightness – a 12000-watt 7.4-inch sound system with 4 subwoofers – a specific acoustic treatment designed by IMAX engineers – the legendary IMAX acoustically transparent and immersive-format curved screen – a Prima Cinema media distribution system, allowing enjoy movies right out of the movies. In addition to this equipment, an automatic calibration system ensures that the settings are always optimal to take full advantage of the system. Moreover,


It’s going to the movies and forgetting that we’re watching a movie. Sitting, persuaded and convinced that we are elsewhere. To leave, in the space of a few minutes, in a scary, intense, heartbreaking, totally magical place, a place where one has never been. IMAX takes hold of our senses. Visually, there is no more screen. The image is larger, higher, wider than our field of vision. We are no longer peeking through the window, we are alongside the stars. And this sensation is intensified by the quality of the sound. It envelops us, and it is real, so real that the experience becomes visceral. We do not just hear and see an IMAX movie. We feel it to the depths of ourselves.

Images © IMAX Corporation


Lighting systems are not just for lighting.

With the development of LED lamp technology, this modest bulb is more than just switching from ON to OFF. A lamp can be the centerpiece of an environment meant to improve health, our moods and even the food. The LEDs can create light of multiple colors, generate less heat and use a fraction of the energy used by other types of bulbs. In addition, the LEDs can be controlled remotely from a PC or smartphone application, as programmable as a television.

“You have to start thinking of light as a drug,” says Terry K. McGowan, the director of engineering for the American Lighting Association, a commercial group.

That’s why Lighting Science, an LED manufacturer, now sells “Awake and Alert”, an LED lamp that keeps people awake by increasing blue. Conversely, Good Night lighting products reduce blue, to help people sleep. This summer, Lighting Science will be offering its Rhythm Downlight, a smartphone-controlled lamp that adjusts blue based on the user’s sleep pattern.

While the possibility of altering a color of an LED lamp opens up new uses for light, the fact that the LEDs can be remotely controlled significantly changes their potential. Awake and Alert, an LED lamp from Lighting Science, enhances the blue light, which stimulates the photoreceptor in our eye that reduces the production of melatonin and helps a person to stay awake.

With the Osram Sylvania ULTRA iQ system, users can program the lighting of the lamps when a key is inserted into the lock. Philips’ Nuance (Hue) system, on the other hand, allows users to create their own lighting cycles and send their instructions to special lamps via their smartphone app. Lights can be programmed to respond to specific events, such as glowing a specific color when it’s time to remove the roast from the oven.

For example, detectors could tell how many people are in a room and their location, and send the required power of lighting where it is needed. Prompt medical patients with agitation could be calmed once facial recognition technology identifies them and changes the nuance of an exam room for better appeasement. When elderly people enter a room, the intensity of the lighting can be increased to compensate for their weakening visual acuity.

Hi-Concept Lighting Solutions

IMAX launches a home-theater system priced at $2 million

Read Full Article at The Wall Street Journal by Lauren Schuker Blum

Soon, homeowners will have the option to watch everything from baseball games to movies to reality TV shows on a floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall screen.

The price tag: $ 2 million. IMAX Corp., known for its immersive towering movie screens, is now launching a private home-theater system. How big is the market for a $ 2 million home theater? “With this, we are targeting a new group.” says IMAX Chief Executive Rich Gelfond. “People with this kind of wealth are not going to the movies.”

People close to the company say “Family Guy” creator and recent host Oscar Seth MacFarlane, train California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tom Cruise are in talks with IMAX to install the private theater system.

The IMAX home-theater system uses the same technology the company uses in commercial multiplexes: a curved floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall screen; a high-resolution, dual-projection system that can handle 2-D and 3-D formats; and an audio system with laser-aligned loudspeakers and microphones that perform daily calibrations to ensure perfect sound. It is modeled after the private and relatively small screening IMAX built in Santa Monica, Calif., For filmmakers to see their movies in the format before the public release.

The first two installations are expected to be completed over the next six months, says Rob Lister, IMAX’s chief business development officer. IMAX coordinates the installation with architects, contractors and interior designers.

Installation can be complicated. An IMAX screen requires a certain amount of room-meaning that homeowners may need to be prepared to add 500-square-foot screening to their home. IMAX screens in commercial movie theaters can reach up to 118 feet wide and 82 feet tall. For its home theaters, IMAX Brian Bonnick says the space must be able to accommodate at least two projectors that are 5 feet tall, 2½ feet wide and 4 feet deep in an area separate from the screening room.

Ahmad Lee Khamsi, Latin American cable executive, is one of the first customers to adopt the technology. He is working with IMAX to incorporate a private theater into the 11,000-square-foot waterfront home in Miami Beach.

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