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Our lives are very dynamic, so why not here? Having the ability to program your home to do what you want is now a necessity. Lighting, alarm systems, pool and digital entertainment, everything from fingertips from your smartphone, tablet or touch screen wall. Instead of managing several different remote controls for each device, control all systems in the home seamlessly, thanks to a user-friendly interface. Comfort and safety in one control solution.




From your desk lamp to your TV screens – all of these can be controlled by motion sensors or a touch pad. Choose colors according to your mood or schedule them to turn on automatically when someone enters. If you’ve always dreamed of getting out of your room by simply pressing a button, home automation is your answer.




Connecting thermostats and heating or cooling systems will help you easily reach the ideal room temperature at home. Programming them to go off when you go to work, and start heating just before you arrive can create huge savings for your home without losing comfort.




Program your blinds to open in the morning and your room to bathe in the natural light, bring them down just after sunset to minimize energy loss and avoid prying eyes. All these elements can be controlled by a time program or light sensors.


Watering gardens


Automatic watering of your garden according to a time schedule taking into account the humidity of the ground. Add an automatic lawn mower if you want to keep your lawn tidy without getting tired.